Party Decor Disaster ... actually looks Delightful!

Yesterday, I thought to title this entry "Some Projects are Better Left to Martha" because my attempt to create tabletop decor with string, balloons and fabric stiffner failed (see photos below of deflated balls of string) but to my surprise, I received a lot of complements on my Mother's Day tabletop display.  So, this entry is actually  meant to encourage you to try a new project; it may not look like the web site instructions but you might create something better, or just as nice.

Have you ever had a delightful disaster?  Tell us about it - so that I don't feel like I'm the only one

Aside from the deflated balls of string, my Mother's Day Lemonade Stand and Dinner was awesome!  I'll post photos and share my event design later this week.  Click here to see to see the invitation.

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