{event showcase} Whodunit? Holiday Party

A murder mystery may seem like an unusual choice for holiday entertainment but it was ideal for a recent corporate party, providing audience participation and a lot of laughter as guests discovered who killed the maid during a "Fiends of Fentress" book reading hosted by Lady Penelope, Semper Fi.  Read on to see how the party played out.

The holiday party was hosted by the Washington, DC Studio of Fentress Architects at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.  Fentress designed the award-winning museum so it was a very fitting venue for their employee party.

My custom invitation was sent via email.  It incorporated a photo of the museum (provided by Fentress) and complemented their brand identity including logo, slogan, font and colors.



Cocktails were hosted on the Overlook (bottom right photo) and then, dinner and entertainment were held in the Tun Tavern (remaining photos), a replica of the Philadelphia tavern considered the 1775 birthplace of the Marines.

After dinner, guests participated in solving a murder mystery, as well as participating in dance auditions (bottom left) and reading select book passages (top right) during a custom comedy performance by the talented improv actors from Now This!

I really enjoy entertainment at parties; it's adds another dimension to the event! What is your favorite entertainment for a [corporate] holiday party?

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