Pop the Champagne? Not so fast!

{my photo taken with my new camera!}

A little research this week revealed that popping the cork on a bottle of sparkling wine/champagne is not a good thing.  Rather the cork should be gently twisted off.  Good to know ... or your guests will wear the tiny little bubbles that we love so much!

More good to know sparkling wine/champagne stuff
Chill the bottle at 45 degrees F to lower the pressure (thus, avoiding the pop);

To quickly chill, use salt!  Place bottle in a bucket filled with cold water and ice, sprinkle with salt to lower the freezing point and turn the bottle occasionally.  Chills in 15-20 minutes.

Pour a little sparkling wine/champagne into a flute or tulip shaped glass; let the bubbles settle and then pour more, about 2/3 full.

Hold the glass by the stem, not the bowl, to keep your drink cold.

For complete instructions, watch this video from Ted Allen on the Food Network.

More New Year's Eve Goodies

This is a Blowout Invitation.  The invitation is tucked inside the blowout.  Isn't that fun?  I got the idea from Martha Stewart years ago.

This is a festive Table Centerpiece that I quickly assembled using Christmas garland and noisemakers.  Not a bad idea for repurposing garland? 

This pink, purple and blue garland is the inspiration for my New Years Eve family party. I can't wait to put it together and show you the photos next week!  Until then, I wish you a happy and healthy New Year!  Cheers to 2011!

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