Rainbow Ribbon Wreath

For every party I produce, I like to try one new design idea. For my daughter's 8th birthday party last week, I decided to make a ribbon wreath. It was really easy to assemble, fairly inexpensive, and a colorful way to greet guests at the front door!

Originally, I was inspired by this balloon wreath found on HowDoesShe.com.

Then, I came across this rainbow ribbon wreath idea on giggleberrycreations.com and knew this was the project for me!

To make a ribbon wreath, tie ribbons in a double knot around a styrofoam circle.  Seriously ... that's it!  I used probably 8 spools of 1/2" wide (or less) ribbon plus a few scraps; to save cost and time, I would recommend 1" wide ribbon or bigger.

What ribbon wreath will you make?  Winter? Valentine's Day? Super Bowl team colors?  The possibilities (and color combinations) are endless!!

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