{party trend} Pie

Move over cupcakes.  Pies are IN for 2011!  Sweet and savory, and even individual deep-fried, according to this month's Event Solutions magazine. 

The Producers predicted pie as the next big dessert trend over the summer, too (and I reported it here) but if you need more evidence, my favorite party planner, David Tutera, teamed up with Pillsbury earlier this month to promote pies.  He recommends a few pies based on your party personality and the spirit of the party:

Classic: French Silk Chocolate Pie

Glam: Raspberry Truffle Tart

Trendy: Salmon Pastry with Dill Pesto

The recipes, as well as David's encouragement to use refigerated pie crust to make baking pies more enjoyable as well as tasty, may be found on this Pillsbury web page.  Photos from pillsbury.com.

So, what's your pie party personality?  I'm a classic gal!  The French Silk Chocolate Pie looks devine!  Enjoy!

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