Fan, Tree, Jingle Bell Roll: Christmas Napkin Folds

Want to set a pretty Christmas dinner table without a lot of effort?  Fold your napkins!

I learned a new napkin fold this weekend.  The fan.  It's actually an old design used in the nicest restaurants and hotel ballrooms ... for good reason.  It's elegant (without being over the top) and so simple to fold!

Above are photos from my client's holiday party last weekend. The tables look fabulous (if I must say so myself)! And that's Mabel; she showed me how to fold the napkins into fans.  Real Simple has a great video with written instructions on how to fold a fan.  Or try one of these Christmas folds:

Christmas Tree
{instructions available from bhg.com}

Jingle Bell Roll
{instructions available here}

or how about this clever Bread Basket?
{instructions available from marthastewart.com}

What is your favorite napkin fold?  Please share with me!

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